Cut out pictures of people from magazines.
Let your child choose a person and place it on a piece of gray paper.

Help your child by drawing around the outside of the person onto the paper.

Then remove the picture and cut out the gray shadow.
Give the shadow and the person to your child along with a background paper and some glue.
Have your child glue the shadow lying side-ways on the paper and then glue the person standing up from the shadow.
Set out marking pens and let your child draw background items if he wishes.
Have your child sit in a chair in front of a blank wall, facing sideways.
Hang a piece of white paper on the wall behind your child’s head.
Place a light source, so that your child is between the wall and the light source.
A shadow of the side of your child’s head should appear on the paper.
Use a pencil and draw an outline of your child’s profile onto the paper.
Finally, remove the paper from the wall and cut out around the lines you have drawn.
Use the white pattern to cut out a black paper silhouette of your child’s head.
Let your child help you glue the black silhouette onto a piece of white paper.

Variation: Hang a large sheet of paper on a wall. Have your child stand in front of the paper while you draw around the shape of your child. Cut out the shape and have your child paint it black. Now your child will have a life-sized picture of their shadow to hang on the wall.

Variation: Place simple objects in front of a light source and let your child draw around the shadow onto a piece of paper.


Have your child take a sheet of white construction paper to an outside area.

Have him/her hold their papers behind leaves or grass to create shadow pictures with the help of the sun.
The pictures will last only a moment, but your child will enjoy sharing them with you.

Put up a light source and have your child stand between it and a blank wall.

Have your child use his fingers, hands or whole body to create shapes on the wall.