Take a piece of dark construction paper, and draw a large X shape on it, with a pencil.
Then draw a straight line through the middle of the X, so that you end up with a six-sided snowflake outline.

Give the paper to your child along with some glue and some small white poms.

Have your child glue white poms all along the six sides to create a large snowflake.
Variation 1): Instead of poms, have you child glue on white pasta pieces. Use uncooked pasta and place it in a plastic zipper bag, along with some white paint. Remove pieces from the bag and let them dry overnight.
Variation 2): Give your child some white chalk and have her draw her own snowflake on top of the six pencil lines.
Young children love cutting paper snowflakes.
Give your child a paper circle
Next, show him how to fold the circle in-half three times.
Show him how to snip triangles out along the folded edges.
Snowflakes can be made from a variety of papers.
  • Doilies make the prettiest ones.
  • Small coffee filters are the easiest to make for 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Other paper circles can be made from tissue paper, waxed paper, typing paper and construction paper.
You can also help your child make snowflakes to hang in your window out of Q-tips.

For each snowflake your child will need three Q-tips cut in half, some glue and a small square of aluminum foil.

First, have your child squeeze a small amount of glue in the middle of a piece of aluminum.
Next, show him how to arrange six Q-tip halves coming out of the glue to resemble a snowflake.
Let the glue dry, then carefully lift the glue off the foil.
Tie a piece of thread or yarn around one of the arms of the snowflake and hang it in a window or other viewing spot.
Cut out a picture of a house from a magazine.
Give the picture, some glue, and a piece of light or dark blue paper to your child.
Have him glue the house picture onto the blue paper.
Next, set out some white paint on a small saucer.       
Give your child a pencil with a good eraser and show him how to dip the eraser into the paint and then press it onto his paper to make snowflake dots.
Have your child make snowflakes all over his paper for a Snowy Skies picture.

Variation:  Cut out different pictures from magazines for your child to glue onto his paper.