You will need medium sized paper bags for this activity.
Help your children roll up the sides of a paper bag, leaving a rim and a 5” crown.
Give the bag hats to each child along with some glue and decorating materials.
Encourage your child to decorate their hat however they wish.
Decoration suggestions: Silk or dry flowers, ribbons, puzzle pieces, colored macaroni, cotton balls, feathers, etc.
Have a hat parade when everyone has finished their hats.
Give each child a paper bag.
Set out some marking pens and have children decorate their bags.
Then help your children to cut 10” slits from the bottom of their bag. Make slits about every 1-2 inches all the way around.
Next tie a yarn handle onto the top of each bag.
Show your children how they can make their wind socks fly in the breeze by running and holding the bag behind them.
Cut a neck hole in the bottom of a large brown paper bag.
Next, cut two armholes in the sides.
Cut open the front of the bag from the bottom edge up to the neck hole.
Use crayons to decorate the bag with Indian symbols or other designs.
Cut a fringe along the bottom edge of the vest.
To make a paper bag pumpkin, you can use large grocery sized paper bags or you can use smaller bags.
Set out the bags and some newspapers.
Cut large spread newspapers in two for easier handling.
Have your children open a sack and then wad up and stuff newspaper into the ball to fill it almost to the top.
Then, have children twist the top of the sack, to keep stuffing in and to create a stem. (You may need to help with the twisting)
Next, set out some orange and green paint, and some paint brushes.
Have your children paint their pumpkins orange and their pumpkin stems green.
You will need four large brown large brown paper sacks for this project.
First let your child help you tear two sacks into large pieces.
Next, crumble the pieces and staple them onto a wall or bulletin board to form a tree trunk.
Next, take one or two more sacks and cut them into 4” strips.
Twist the strips to form branches.
Use more sacks for more branches if needed.
Decorate your tree with seasonal leaves, fruit, snow or blossoms.

You will need small brown lunch sack for this activity.
Give the sack to your child.
Have him open the sack and roll the sides all the way down. (You may need to help.)

Set out some glue along with some small yarn pieces, dried grasses, or small twigs.

Have your child glue the small nest materials around the edges of the nest and in the bottom of the nest.
This is a great cutting activity for your child. You will need a medium sized sack for this activity. One that could fit over your child’s head.
Take the sack, turn it up-side down and cut out a rectangle in the front of the sack, starting at the bottom edge, then cutting up within 2-3” of the top. Then over 6” and then down again.
Now, for the hair. Have your child cut slits up the portion hanging down in the front for bangs.

Then you or your child cut 1” slits all the way around the rest of the sack for hair.

Set the sack over your child’s head to see bangs and long hair. Variations: If your child wants curly hair, she can roll each slit around a pencil. If he would like his hair shorter, he could cut the side and back slits shorter.
You will need a small (lunch sack size) sack for this basket.
Lay the sack flat, then fold the sack in half length-wise.
Starting at the fold, use scissors to round the top of the sack, so that when opened it will be dome shaped.

Then drop your scissors down to the middle of the sack and from the fold cut a straight line, stopping one inch form the opposite edge.

Now go back up to the rounded edge at the top and drop down an inch and cut a one inch handle by following the curve of the outer edge and stopping where the straight cut ended.
When you open the sack, you should have a basket on the bottom and two curved handles on top.
Give the basket to your child and let him decorate the basket with marking pens, stickers, paper flowers, paper eggs; or however he wishes.
You will need a small white sack for this basket.
Again, lay the sack flat and then fold it in-half length-wise.
Then, in the middle of the fold, cut over about ½ inch.
Then, turn your scissors and cut a bunny ear up into the top of the sack.
When you bring the scissors back down to the bottom of the ear, again turn your scissors and cut straight over to the opposite edge of the paper.
When you open the sack up, you should have two sets of bunny ears sticking up.
Cut off the back pair of ears.
You now should have a white bunny basket with two ears sticking up.
Give your child marking pens and let him draw a bunny face on the front of the basket with eyes, nose, whiskers, and a mouth.
Glue a cotton ball on the back of the basket for a bunny tail if you wish
Let your children fill the basket with green Easter grass and use the basket as a table decoration.