• Give your children small lunch sacks and some newspaper sections.
  • Have the children wad up the newspaper and stuff it into the sacks.
  • Then have each child to gather the top together and twist.
  • Next, wrap green tape around the top of each child’s pumpkin.
  • Now, let your children paint their pumpkins, orange.
  • When the pumpkins are dry, pin or tape them on a wall and add green leaves and stems to make a class pumpkin patch.


  • Tape a large piece of light blue paper on the wall with light green paper beneath it.
  • Cut out a large red barn from red paper and glue it to the paper, to create a farm.
  • Add a fence and other farm items if desired.
  • Now, let your children take turns painting their hand brown and pressing it on the light green bottom half of the display, to create a turkey shape.
  • When the turkeys are dry, add beaks, eyes, goiters, and feet with marking pens.

Variation:  Turkeys could be made from drawing around the children’s hands placed on brown paper and then cutting them out and taping them onto the display.

Cut 9-inch squares out of construction paper, one or two per child.
Give your children small colorful paper leaf shapes and some glue.

Have the children glue some shapes on their squares.

Display the squares together on a wall or bulletin board to represent a Fall Quilt Mural.
Variations: Have children color their squares with markers or crayons or have children stick fall stickers on their squares.
Give each child a tan paper plate.
Set out a variety of yarn colors.
Have children glue some yarn on their plate to represent their hair.
Then using marking pens, have each child draw his/her facial features.
Hang the faces on the wall of your room with the word “WELCOME”.
Set out some fall leaf colors of construction paper.
Help each child lay his right hand on a piece of paper and draw around his hand with a pencil.
Cut out the handprints.
Depending on how many children are in your group, you may want each child to make two or more hand prints.
Pin the fall colored handprints in a circle shape on a bulletin board to create a fall wreath.

Variation: Cut out a wreath circle from light cardboard and have your children glue their handprints onto the wreath.

Variation: Fall wreaths can also be made with feathers or real leaves.

You will need a real or a display fish net for this activity.
Hang up the fish net between two sturdy chairs or a wall and a cabinet.
Set out some weaving materials; such as, 11 inch sections of thick yarn, feathers, strips of colorful material, 11 inch ribbon or rick-rack sections, etc.
Show your children how to weave the strips in and out of the net strings.
When the children are finished with their weaving, hang the net on the wall to enjoy.
Give each child a large yellow paper plate and a small brown paper circle.
Have your children glue the brown circle in the middle of their yellow plates.
Have children go around the edge of their yellow plates and cut slits from the outer edge of the yellow plate to the outer edge of the brown circle, to create flower petals.
Bend some of the petals back or forth to make them look more real.
Next, give the children some sunflower seeds with shells.
Have them glue ten or so seeds onto the brown center of their sunflower.
Hang the sunflowers on the wall or down a hallway, adding green paper stems and some small green leaves.