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A fun and simple holiday wreath for preschoolers to make is one made from popcorn.

  • Cut out a wreath shape for your child from a piece of cardboard (or cut out the center from a paper plate.
  • Give your child the wreath shape, some glue and a bowl of popcorn.
  • Have your child spread glue all over the wreath shape, then carefully place pieces of popcorn all over the wreath.
  • Help your child tie a red bow on the top or the bottom of the wreath and hang it on a wall or door.

You can help your child make a fun holiday wreath by using their hand prints.

  • Have your child lay their hand on a piece of green paper and draw around their fingers about 8 times..
  • Help them cut out the hand prints.
  • Have them glue the green hand prints onto a cardboard wreath shape.
  • To add color to the wreath, let your child punch out red circles from red paper with a hole punch, then glue them onto the green branches.


To do this activity, you will need old Christmas cards from last year or one you have left from previous years.

  • First, set out the cards and have your child cut pictures out from the old cards.
  • When they have collected ten or so pictures, have them glue the pictures onto a cardboard wreath shape.
  • Give your child an old bow to tape on the top or bottom of their wreath.

VARIATION: Let your child decorate a wreath shape with old bows, saved for this occasion.


  • Cut 8” x 8” wreath shapes for your children out of green poster board (or cut the middles out of green paper plates.)
  • Pour glue into shallow containers.
  • Cut green tissue paper into 1” squares.
  • Show your children how to take a wreath, then crumble up tissue paper squares and dip them into the glue and then place them all over their wreath.

    Additional Suggestions:

    • When a child’s wreath is filled with green tissue, give them some small red tissue circles to glue onto the top of their tissue paper greens to create holly berries or red holiday lights.
    • Help each child tie a red bow on the bottom of their wreath.