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Grandparents love receiving gifts handmade by their grandchildren. Surprise the grandparents in your child's life this year with handmade gifts they have helped make.

For this gift, you will need a small clear jar. Have your child fill the jar with layers of dried beans and seeds. Provide your child with colorful options such as red kidney beans, green peas, yellow corn, etc. Secure the lid and turn the jar upside-down to use as a paper weight.

Make or buy small cardboard frame inserts. Have your child glue old buttons around the frame. Tape a recent photo of your child in the frame. Tape a pop can pull on the back top to use for a hanger.

Have your child lay their hand and part of their arm on a piece of light weight cardboard, while you draw around it with a pencil. Cut out the shape and let your child decorate the shape with marking pens or crayons. Have your child write their name on the back and /or tape a small picture of them on the back. Cover the bookmark with clear self-stick paper on both sides and cut around the edges.

Have your child collect small colorful fall leaves and/or small flower petals. Provide her with a 5"x8" piece of clear self-stick paper (sticky side up). Have her place her leaves and petals on the sticky paper, then cover it with another piece of self-stick paper. Have your child press across the paper to remove any air bubbles created. Trim the paper down to a 2"x7" strip. You may be able to make two bookmarks from their art work.

    using Clear Self-stick Paper

  • Have your child stick on small pictures of themselves, cut from photos, creating a photo collage.
  • Have your child stick on small pictures cut from magazines or wrapping paper.
  • Have your child stick on small squares of tissue paper creating a mosaic look.