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A large bag of white cotton balls, found in most all cosmetic departments can be a source of fun winter art projects.

Whether you live in a snowy region or not, your child can help your home have a winter look by decorating your windows with cotton balls. Have your child squirt a small amount of white liquid glue onto a cotton ball and then press the glue side onto a dry window. Decorating around the edges of the window makes a winter look without obstructing the view.

Give your child a dark piece of paper. Have her draw houses or rooftops across the bottom of her picture using crayons or marking pens. Then give her cotton balls to glue across the sky making a snowy picture.

Have your child glue two or three cotton balls at the top of a popscicle stick, tongue depressor or stick. Next, help him decorate the snowman (or snow woman) with small pieces of colored paper or felt. Let your child use their puppet to create stories or to hold up as they sing songs about snow or snowmen.

When we allow children to decide how they want a project to be, we are allowing them to become creative problem solvers.