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Summertime is a great time to encourage creative activities with preschoolers.
Here are some quick ideas you can do with your children outdoors.

You will need a display fish net for this activity, plus some 1' lengths of ribbon.
Set up a fish net in your yard between two trees, poles or heavy chairs.
Set out some lengths of colorful pieces of ribbon.
Show your child how to weave the ribbon in and out of the fishnet in a straight line.

Let your child experiment by weaving in small twigs, feathers, and other nature items.
Cut out 1' strips of shinny paper for your child to use.
Cut out 1' strips of brown paper sacks, that have been crushed and reopened.
Thin bright scarves or Neckties are also fun to use.


Collect rocks, wash and dry them. Then have your child color them with marking pens.

Put some blue or red food coloring in some bubble mix. Put mixture in a small wide bowl. Have your child blow bubbles into the mixture then lay a piece of paper over the top of the bubbles to make a print.


Have your child make rubbings of tree bark, cement designs, wood grains on outdoor furniture, etc. Show them how to lay a piece of paper over the object to be copied and then rub a crayon over the paper. Crayons with their paper removed and laid on their sides to rub, work best.


Let your child draw chalk pictures on your sidewalk. Just hose the area down when you want to clean up the mess. Younger children will be happy just painting water on the sidewalk with a large paint brush.


Have your child decorate an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper, then have them glue or tape strips of crepe paper (12" long) on the long side of the paper. Finally roll the paper into a cylinder (taped side inside) and tape the sides together. Staple or tape on a hanger and help your child hang his creation in a tree.