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You will need some Chenille Stems and some rainbow colored beads.
Give each child a stem.
Set out the beads.
Show your children how to string on a red bead, then an orange bead, a yellow bead, a green bead, then a blue bead and finally an indigo (or purple).
Help children to wrap the ends of the stem together to create a bracelet.
Variation: Your children could also create a rainbow bead bracelet by stringing the beads onto a piece of yarn.
You will need white yarn, food coloring, small water cups and some water for this activity.

Cut 12 sections of white yarn. One or two per child.

Set out six small cups filled ¾ full with water.
Add food coloring to the water cups, so that you have one red, one yellow, one orange, one green, one blue and one purple.
Place the cups in a row next to each other.
Have your child lay their yarn across the tops of the cups, poking the yarn down into each cup.
Watch the colors soak into the yarn and blend together.
Hang the yarn outside to dry.
These can be hung from trees or attached to a large straw for a rainbow wand.

Help your child tape together three crayons in a row.

Give your child a piece of white paper and let her make rainbow arcs with the crayons.
It is not necessary to have the exact rainbow colors for this activity.
Give your child 4 - 5 pieces of different colored yarn (approx. 10 - 12" long), plus some glue.
Also, give him a piece of white paper that has been cut into a large arc shape.
Have your child cover their arc shape with glue.
Next, encourage them to place their yarn pieces in arc (half-circles) on the paper.
You may want to cut down some of the yarn pieces.


Give your child a piece of paper that you have drawn on six semi-circles (one on top of the other) creating a rainbow shape. Lines should be approx. 1" apart.

Have your child spread glue across the rainbow.

Next, give him 6 strips of colored construction paper. (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple).
Have your child tear the red strip first and place red squares in the bottom arc.
Next, have him tear the orange, strip and fill in the next arc. Continue with the yellow, green, blue and purple strips.