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March is known for wind. Here are some simple windsocks you can make with your child.

This windsock incorporates beginning cutting skills.

Take a piece of typing paper or a small piece of construction paper and fold it in half horizontally (length ways).

Show your child how to cut slits (approximately 1") along one side, cutting into the folded center line.
Next, let your child decorate the top half of the windsock with marking pens.
Then, help your child bend the paper into a cylinder and tape the edges together.
Punch two holes near the top edge on opposite sides.
Next, take a piece of yarn (approximately 24") and tie the ends onto each hole.
Help your child hang their windsock outside where it will catch the wind.


Take a piece of 9 x 12 construction paper and help your child tape strips of crepe paper along one of the long sides.

Then fold the top half of the paper down and tape or staple it in place.

Let your child decorate the windsock with stickers or marking pens.
Have your child bend the paper into a cylinder while you tape or staple the ends together.
Punch holes into the top and make a yarn or string hanger.