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To do this activity, your child will need a paper plate, some yellow tissue or crepe paper, and some sunflower seeds (with shells).
Help your child cut strips of yellow paper approximately 1" x 3" and glue them around the paper plate about 2" from the rim.
Next, have her cover the middle of the plate with glue and dump or place real sunflower seeds onto the glue, covering the middle of the sunflower.

These can be hung up as they are, or stems can be added with green paper or rolled green tissue paper.

You will need, yellow paper baking cups, clean and dried coffee grounds, one inch green paper strips and 12” x 18” sheets of black construction paper.
Give each child a piece of construction paper and two baking cups.
Have children cut fringe around the edges of their baking cups.
Then, have them glue the cups to their black paper.
Now, have children spread glue in the center of each cup and sprinkle coffee grounds over the glue.
Finally, have children make stems and leaves out of the green paper strips and glue them onto their papers under the sunflowers.
Extension:  Older children may want to use 1 inch white paper strips to make a picket fence across the bottom of their papers.


Cut out the center of a paper plate and let your child color and fringe around the edge.

Or children can glue tissue paper petals around the rim.
These can be held up while singing flower songs, with the child’s face in the missing center.

Celebrate May Day with thse nifty nosegays.

Give each child a piece of 9” x 12” construction paper and a white doilie.

Have children glue their doilies in the centers of their papers.
Next, pass out small bon-bon cups or paper baking cups.
Show children how to fringe the edges of the paper cups, then flatten them.
    Have children glue their cups onto their doilies to represent flowers.
Variation:  Let children finish off their flowers with a colorful pom glued into the center of each flower cup.


Cut out a 4” paper flowers from a variety of colored paper.

Let your children choose a flower to decorate.
Set out some choices for children to glue into the center of their flowers.
  Tissue paper squares.
Silk flowers
Felt circles
You can use left over felt scrapes to make small felt flowers for your child.
Cut two small slits in the center of some felt flowers and give them to your child along with some chenilles or straws. Have your child decorate the felt flowers with glue and glitter if you want and then show them how to slide the stem up through the slits in the flowers.
 Take a square piece of felt and sew 4 - 5 large buttons on it. Next, cut out some felt flowers and then cut a small cross in the middle of each flower. Let your child decorate the flowers with glue and glitter or marking pens and show them how to place the flowers onto the buttons. This is a great small muscle exercise for your child.
Give your children three or four large squares of different colored tissue paper.  Approx. 6” x 6”.
Have your children stack their squares on top of each other. 
Show children how to fold the stack like a fan (accordion style).
Help children to wrap a twist tie around the center of the folded papers.
Show children how to separate the layers of the flower by pulling the layers down, starting with the outside layer.
Variation:  If your children are unable to fold the paper like a fan, you can have them fold the paper into 1/4ths and tie a chenille around the center point for them.

Cut out individual egg carton cups.  Poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup.
Show your children how to attach chenille stems or pipe cleaners, by sticking the stem up from the bottom of the cup, then curling the stem in the center of the cup.
Variation:  Chenilles can also be laced into large real or cardboard buttons to create quick flowers.

Here is a fun flower card to have your children make that involves the use of a hammer.
    Pick one or two pansies for each child.  (Purple ones work best)
Lay the pansies up-side-down on the right side of a piece of paper.
Lay another piece of paper on top.
Let children take turns hammering the papers for a minute or two.
Remove the top paper and the pansies.  Purple pansy shapes should nodw be on the bottom paper.  Fold the paper to make a card.
Add a greeting inside and let your child sign their name.