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You will need two orange paper plates per child.
  • Give each child a paper plate and some yellow construction paper.
  • Have them cut out three triangles for two eyes and a nose and a funny shape for a mouth.
  • Have the children turn their plates up-side-down and glue on a paper pumpkin face.
  • When dry, attach another plate under each pumpkin face and staple the plates together.
  • Then cut out a 1’ x 2’ strip of green paper, fold it in half and staple it to the top of each jack-‘o-lantern.
  • Run a string through the top stems and string the jack-‘o-lanterns across the middle of your room.
Besides cutting out pumpkins shapes for your child to decorate, sometimes it is fun to just let her decorate the outside of an uncut pumpkin.

One way to do this is to let her use markers to create a face.

Another option is to let her glue on paper features.
Younger children enjoy just adding hats and scarves to their pumpkins.

This project is for older preschoolers.
Give your child a pumpkin shape cut out of orange paper approximately 5-6 inches wide.
Then, give him some glue, some orange 1" tissue squares and an old pencil.
Have him pick up a tissue square in one hand and place the flat end of the pencil in the center of the square with the other hand.
Then, have him twist the pencil, causing the paper to twist around the pencil
Next, have him dip the bottom of the tissue paper into some glue and press it onto the pumpkin shape.
Continue this process until all the paper is covered with tissue swirls.