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Cut out 1” x 7” red paper strips.
Set out the paper strips along with some heart stickers.
Show your children how to make heart bracelets by attaching the two ends of a paper strip with a sticker.
Encourage your children to make one or more bracelets.
Set out small 1” red paper heart shapes, some glue and brushes and some large craft sticks.
Show your children how to put some glue on one end of a craft stick.
Then, place two paper hearts on the glue with their points touching.
Let your children use the heart puppets while they sing heart or butterfly songs.
Cut out 5” heart shapes from red paper. 
Use a paper punch to make two holes at the top of each heart.
Invite your children to decorate the hearts with glitter-glue pens or markers.
When they have finished, thread the hearts on a long string and hang and them from one wall to another.

You will need a large heart and a small heart cut from red or pink paper for each child.
Have children glue the large and the small heart together (crossing points).  Small heart becoming the tail of the fish.
Turn the large heart side-ways and draw an eye in the top half of the fish.  (The heart indent becomes the mouth of the fish)
Let children decorate the heart fish with markers or glitter-glue pens.
Hang up heart fish on a large blue mural.

Fold a paper plate in half and cut the top half to resemble the top of a heart for each child.
Using a hole punch, punch holes along the edge of the bottom half of the paper plate.
Let your children decorate their heart plates.
Cut 1/8-inch ribbon into 24” lengths.
Give each child two lengths of ribbon.
Have children thread their heart plate on both sides with the ribbons.
Tie ribbons at the top to create a hanging heart.
Tie ribbons in the center at the bottom of the plate into a bow.
Hang the plates around your room.

Your children will get a kick out of these silly valentines.
Cut out medium sized red hearts for your children.
Write Im Stuck on You on each heart.
Then set out some bandaids.
Have children stick a bandaid on each valentine.


Have your child look through magazines and find opposite pictures, such as, a tall animal and a short animal.

Have him tear or cut out the pictures.
Then, give him a large red valentine and have him glue on the two pictures.
Finally, help him by writing on his Valentine-
"You are big, I am small
But will you be my valentine!"
Make as many opposite valentines as your child would like.

Instead of cutting out hearts, you could have your child make a valentine book.

Staple 6-8 pages together and draw a large heart on each page.

Continue as above making opposite valentines on each page.
Your child will enjoy reading his homemade valentines or valentine book to others.
An easy and fun valentine for toddlers or preschoolers to make is a confetti heart.
You will need a package of colored tissue paper confetti.
Give your child a plain piece of white paper.
Then give her a small paint brush and a cup of water.
Have her cover her paper with water.
Then, have her sprinkle on some confetti
The confetti will gradually bleed onto the paper and when it is dry, remove the confetti on top.
Finally, help your child cut out a large heart from the dyed paper

VARIATION: You could give your child some glue and let her just glue confetti onto a paper heart.
Give your child a large construction paper heart.
Next, give him a bulb catalog or a magazine with pictures of flowers
Have him cut or tear out some flower pictures.
Next, give him some glue in a bowl and a small brush and have him cover his heart with glue.
Then have him cover his heart with flower pictures.

VARIATION: Let your child glue other collage materials onto his heart, such as buttons, lace, poms, rice, etc.