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Yarn Art

Cut several 2” and 7” sections of different colored yarn.
Set out the yarn pieces, some glue and paper.
Show your children how to make a circle of glue on their paper, then take a 7” section of yarn and place one end of it in the center of their glue circle.
Now have them wrap the yarn around and around the center, forming a circle of yarn.
Children can add additional short pieces of yarn sticking out from the yarn circle for flower petals.
Set out some green yarn sections to be used to make stems and leaves.
Variation – Younger children may just want to make the center of the flowers and draw on stems.
Set out two or three different colors of tempera paint (not to runny and not too thick) and some paper.
Place 8” yarn sections (attached to small craft sticks with tape) in each paint container.
Have children take turns dipping yarn pieces into the paint and dragging them across their papers.
Variation:  Have children fold their papers and choose one yarn stick.  Have them lay the  yarn section on one side of their papers with the craft stick sticking off the paper.  Then fold the other side of the paper over on top.  Have children place one hand on top of their papers and then pull the yarn out.
You will need 8” x 8” squares of burlap, yarn and plastic yarn needles for this activity.
This activity is best done one on one with children.
This is a good activity to do when studying shapes.
Draw a simple shape on each burlap square with a pencil.
Thread a yarn needle with a 12” section of yarn.
Have the child choose a burlap square.
Thread the yarn onto the square and knot it in place.
Show the child how to pull their needle in and out of the burlap along the lines of the shape.
Variation:  Older children may want to create yarn letters or pictures.

These can be used for Thanksgiving dinner.
Take an empty paper towel roll and cut the roll into 1” rings.
Set out pieces of yarn and let your children wrap the yarn around the rings.
You will need to help children add additional yarn sections or finish off ends.

You will need a 5 ½” x 8 ½” piece of yellow cardboard for this yarn wall hanging.
Cut small ½ “ slits in the cardboard across the top and the bottom of the cardboard. Place slits approximately every ½ inch.
Now tape a piece of yarn to the back of the cardboard and lace the yarn up and down in and out of the slits, creating a weaving board with 9-10 strings.
Give each child a weaving board and several 8” pieces of different colored yarn.
Show your child how to weave their pieces of yarn over and under the yarn strings on their board.
It doesn’t matter how loose or tight the child weaves, they all look nice.
Let beginnings and ends of yarn pieces just hang down.
You can also let your children weave in some thin pieces of ribbon if you like.
Regular cardboard can also be used.
Hang up these colorful wall hangings.
Here is a super simple yarn activity for 3-4 year olds.
Cut simple shapes out of colored cardboard approximately 5" in diameter.
Next, cut 8 slits around the edges approximately ¾" in depth.
Tape a 12" piece of yarn to the back of the shape.
Give the shapes to your child and have her wrap the yarn around the shapes going in and out of the notches.
There is no incorrect way to do this activity. However your child wraps the yarn is ok.
A very simple form of weaving can be done by preschoolers. To start you need a piece of cardboard approximately 8" x 10".
First cut small ½" notches along the edges of two opposite sides.
Next, tape a long piece of yarn to the back of the cardboard and then bring it to the front through the first notch on one side. Thread the yarn up and down the board, going in and around each notch.
Then attach an 18" piece of yarn to the back and wrap its end with tape.
Give the board and yarn to your child and have him weave the yarn in and out of the warp threads.
Continue adding additional pieces of yarn on the board for your child to weave as long as interest lasts.
Hang up weaving with cardboard attached.
Give your child a few small feathers to weave in and out of their creation.
Bright colored cardboard adds a colorful effect.
YARN CIRCLES - Show your child how to make circles of glue on a piece of paper and then wrap pieces of yarn (6-12" long) around in a spiral.
YARN MOBIL - You can help your child make a fun mobil by blowing up a small balloon and letting your child wrap yarn around it that has been dipped in glue. When the glue dries, let your child pop the balloon and hand up the yarn shape.
YARN SQUIGGLES - Show your child how to make squiggle designs on a piece of waxed paper with yarn pieces dipped in glue. Sprinkle wet yarn with glitter if desired. Hang up squiggles when dry.