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Have children place their hands (fingers spread apart) on some brown heavy paper.
Trace around their fingers, then cut then out. 
Have children glue the paper antlers to the front of a 3” brown headband.
Variation:  Tape on small twigs as antlers to the headbands.

Cut out a 3 x 18 strip of black paper and eight 1 x 5 strips of black paper.
Have your child glue the eight small strips sticking off the top of the larger strip, four on each side.
Let dry.
Wrap the large strip around your child's head, overlap the ends and tape them together creating a headband. (Be sure the glued side of the large strip ends up on the inside of the headband.)
Now, show your child how to bend the small strips in the middle to create a knee.
Next, bend the bottom of each strip the opposite direction to create a foot.

Animal ears are fun and easy for your child to make. They can be used when singing animal songs or just pretend time.
Cut out white or brown 1 ½ x 18 paper strips.
Cut out dog, cat or bunny ears for your child.
For large spotted floppey ears, glue on small paper circles to ears.
Have your child glue the ears to a paper strip.
Help your child wrap the strip around her head and secure with tape or by stapling it to size.