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You will need thin, inexpensive paper plates and scissors for this activity.
Fold a paper plate in half.
Help your child to cut around inside the rim, all the way around, leaving one inch uncut.
Now open the plate and bend up the center section. 
Have your child cut the center section down the middle.
You now have a headband with two bunny ears sticking up.
Curl the tops of the two ears down so that they flop down a bit.
Let children wear their bunny hats when singing bunny songs.
For each headband you will need a two 1 ½” x 12” strips plus two pieces of paper approximately 3”x 8”.
Stack the two 3”x 8” pieces on top of one another and trim one end to resemble pointed bunny ears.
Next, staple the two thin strips together into one long strip.  At the same time attach one of the two bunny ears.
Give the headband to your child and have her glue cotton balls on it, everywhere except an inch or two from the ends of the headband.
Now, wrap the headband around your child’s head and cross the ends over one another, place the remaining ear in place, then staple them all in place.
Help your child bend down the ears on her headband.

You will need pink construction paper, cotton balls, plus glue or tape.
Cut a piece of construction paper (9 x 12) into two pieces.  One 4” x 12” and one 5” x 12”.
Take the smaller paper and fold it in half, vertically, then cut a bunny ear out of the top 1/3 of the paper (leaving it attached).
Open the paper back up and have your child draw a bunny face in the middle of the paper.
Then, roll the smaller paper into a cylinder and attach it together with glue or with tape.
Finally, take the larger paper and roll it into a cylinder and secure.
Then, attach the two cylinders together to create a stand-up bunny.
Have your child glue a cotton ball on the back of the large cylinder for a bushy tail.
You will need a small white lunch sack for this activity.
Lay sack flat (with the non flap side facing up) and cut down from the top on each side in towards the middle of the bag, forming ears (with flat sides on the outside of the bag and rounded sides on the inside of the bag.  (You will end up with four ears, one in each corner of the bag.)
Cut between the two ears, creating the top of the bunnies head.
Have your child add facial features to the front of his cut down bag.
Help child attach a handle on their basket, by stapling a 1” handle to the front and the back of the bag.

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