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You will need some Painter’s blue tape, 12” x 18” sheets of white construction paper and some tempera paint and brushes for this project.
Show your children how to tear off strips of tape and stick them to a sheet of paper to create roads.  Have roads overlap on the paper.
Then, have children paint across their papers, totally covering the sheet.
When the papers are dry, have children carefully remove the tape, revealing their roads.
Set out some small cars, some large black crayons and some tape.
Show your children how to tape a black crayon on the back of a car, with the point of the crayon touching the table.
Now, let your children push their car over a sheet of paper, making black crayon tracks as they go.
You will need small paint rollers, paint, white paper and some tape for this project.
Give each child a paint roller and some tape.
Have them wrap some tape around the roller, however they want.
Then, give them a paint tray with paint and have them dip their paint roller into the paint and make prints across a large piece of white paper.
You will need small glass or plastic jars (or glasses) for this project.
Give each child a jar and a roll of masking tape.
Show them how to tear off small pieces of tape and place them on their jar.
Have children completely cover their jar with tape, overlapping the tape occasionally.
Finally, have children carefully paint over the tape with brown liquid shoe polish.
Let dry, fill with flowers.