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Have your child collect some fall leaves.
Then take a paper plate and cut out the middle section.
Give the plate to your child and have her cover it with glue.
Then have her carefully place the leaves around the plate.
Hang the Leaf Wreath on the wall or on a door.
Add a colorful bow if you wish.
You will need some 8” white doilies and some fruit stickers for this wreath.
Cut the centers from the doilies, turning it into a lacy wreath.
Give your child the doily wreath and some fruit stickers.
Have your child place the stickers around the wreath.
These wreaths can be hung up as is or they can be glued onto a piece of light green construction paper.
You will need small colorful feathers for this activity.
Take a paper plate and cut out the center section.
Have your child brush glue around the paper plate rim.
Then have your child place feathers all around his plate.