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Here is an idea submitted by Sara J. Bishop.  She makes a huge tree on her bulletin board, from grocery bags at the beginning of the year and changes it as the year progresses.

Take brown grocery bags and tear them into large pieces.
Then crumble the pieces and staple them onto the bulletin board in the shape of a tree.
Through out the year, use children’s art work to decorate the tree.
Give your children leave shapes and let them cover then with tissue paper squares in fall colors.
Or let your children paint the shapes with water colors and let the colors run together before drying.
Staple some leaves on the ground under the tree.
Tear more bag pieces and give them to your children to paint white.  Add these to the tree.
You could also let your children glue cotton balls on pieces of paper, then staple them under the tree making a blanket of snow on the ground.
Children could also contribute small snowflakes, by folding small squares of paper in fourths and cutting out triangles along the folds.
Children can make simple blossoms for your tree by crumbling up squares of white or pink tissue paper, then gluing them in the center of light green strips of paper.  (The green paper sticking out on either side should suggest green leaves.)
Give children 4’ x 12’ strips of green paper and let them fringe one side.  Use the strips to make grass under your tree.
Give your children small red apple shapes and let them enhance them with red glitter, or red squares of tissue paper.
Give your children green leaf shapes and let them enhance them with green glitter or green squares of tissue paper.
Add the leaves and apples to your tree.
You may also want to set out some paper flower shapes and some bon bon cups and let your children fringe and glue the cups onto the flower shapes. 
Add your children’s flowers in the grass under the tree.