Here are some ideas using circles.  Some of them create circles and some of them use precut paper circles.


Pour a small amount of paint on a paper plate.

Collect several different round objects such as an empty yogurt container, a plastic cup, and a cardboard tube.
Give your child a large construction paper circle.
Show your child how to press the objects into the paint and then onto the paper circle to make circle prints.

Give your child a sheet of paper with several flower stems drawn on it and a sheet of circle stickers. 
Help your child place the circle stickers over the top of each stem to make a flower.

Butterfly – cut a paper circle in half.  Glue the circles onto the paper with their curved sides together.  Draw on two antenna.

YoYo – Glue a paper circle on paper.  Draw on a yoyo string.
Umbrella – Cut circle in half.  Glue on half circles and draw on “J” handles.
Flower Leaves – Cut green paper circles in half to use as flower leaves.
Bugs – Glue on paper circles and add bug legs and eyes.
Ladybugs – Cut red circles in half.   Glue with straight edges down. Draw on a black head and black circles.
Flowers – Glue on one circle, then cut another circle in half and then in half again.  Glue on the cut pieces as petal on the flower.

Baby Bird – You will need three paper circles.  Cut one circle in half and place it on your paper straight edge down.  Then glue another circle above that piece.  Glue the third circle over the right top edge of that circle.  This circle will be the birds head.  Add a small paper triangle beak.  Draw on an eye.
Attach the last haft circle to the middle circle as a wing.

Caterpillar – Glue 5-6 circles in a line to make a caterpillar.  Add face on first circle.