Crayons are one of your children’s first and simplest art materials.  After your children have mastered the art of making crayon designs on paper, try some of these ideas.


Hold three crayons together so their tips are flush against a table top.

Tape the crayons together to make a Rainbow Crayon.
Make several of these.
Let your children use the crayons to draw rainbows all over their papers.


Let your children make crayons designs all over their papers.
Set out bowls of liquid watercolor or a mixture of 1 part tempera paint and 1 part water.  (This is called a paint wash.)
Let them brush the paint all over their crayon drawings.
The wash will create a background for their drawings and make them stand out.

Set out sheets of sandpaper and crayons.

Let your children explore using the crayons to make marks and designs on the sandpaper.
Talk about how drawing on the sandpaper is different from drawing on regular paper.
If you wish, have several different grades of sandpaper available, from fine to coarse.
Use a cheese grater to grate old or broken crayons.
Place the crayon shavings in a bowl.
Give each of your children a sheet of clear, self-stick paper with the backing removed.
Have the children sprinkle crayon shavings onto the sticky side of their self-stick paper.
As each child finishes, place a second sheet of clear, self-stick paper on top of the first.
Cut the children’s Crayon Mosaics into one or more flower shapes (or whatever shape you want).
Hang the shapes in your window.