Cut out cardboard shapes.
Give your children uncooked, uncolored pasta to glue onto the shapes.

When dry, have children paint their pasta shapes and add glitter.

  Punch a hole in the cardboard and hand the shapes up in your room.

Variations: Shapes could be hearts, shamrocks, flowers, trees, etc.

Write children’s names on a large sheet of construction paper.
Give them some cooked spaghetti noodles.
Have them lay the noodles along the lines of their name.
Supply small butter knieves for cutting pasta to desired lengths.

Cook up some spaghetti noodles for your children.

Add some oil to the water, so that the noodles will not stick together.
Give your child a pair of child scissors and have her cut the noodles into small pieces.
These small pieces could be glued to construction paper to make objects or designs.
Here are a few different ways to color uncooked pasta.
The most common way, is to mix some food coloring with rubbing alcohol.
Another way is to add ½ cup water with 1 Tbs. cider vinegar and some food coloring.
Or you can mix 1 tbs. water with 1 tsp. tempera.
And finally you can just use food coloring.
Place in a plastic container or zip-lock bag with 1 cup uncooked pasta and shake. Then spread the pasta out on waxed paper to dry.
Cut out cardboard frames for your children.
Give them colored pasta shapes and some glue.
Have children glue the shapes around their frame.
Frames can be given to others as gifts, with a picture of the child attached to the back.
Rigatoni pasta works great for this activity.
Set out some colored pasta.
Give your child a 12 – 14 inch length of yarn.
Wrap tape around one end of the yarn for a needle and tape the other end of the yarn onto the table (to keep pasta from falling off).
Have children thread the yarn through the pasta pieces.
Help children finish their necklace by tying the yarn ends together.
CAUTION: Do not let children play with long pieces of yarn unsupervised.
You will need an empty paper towel roll for this project.
Using a steak knife, cut the paper towel roll into small one inch rings.
Give your child a ring and first have him paint the ring.
When the ring is dry, have him glue colored macaroni onto his ring.
When the macaroni is dry, cut the ring, so that it will stretch a little and your child can slip it onto his wrist.
You may want to use a variety of different kinds of pasta for this activity.
Give your child a paper plate some glue and some uncooked pasta.
Have her glue a picture or design on her plate using the pasta.
When the pasta is dry, let your child color her pasta plate using marking pens.
Cook spaghetti and add some oil to the water so that the noodles do not stick together.
Drain and place in a small container for your child.
Set out 2-3 plates filled with different colors of tempera paint and some white paper.
  Show your child how to drag a piece of spaghetti through the paint to create interesting designs on his paper.
Purchase some letter stamps or sponges at the craft store.
Give your child an ink pad or paint pad and some paper.
Let your child stamp any letter he wishes on the paper or a specific one you would like him to concentrate on.
TO COLOR COOKED SPAGHETTI – just put some food coloring into the water when cooking. The colors will be light or dark depending on the amount of coloring you use.