When working with young children it is fun to show them how they can color items by using dyes made from nature. Natural dyes are great for dying eggs or white yarn pieces.
RED/PURPLE – to create a reddish purple dye, add 2 tsp. of vinegar to l cup of beet juice.
YELLOW – to create a yellow dye, boil skins from 5-6 large yellow onions in water. Place the item in the mixture until it reaches the desired color.
BLUE – for blue dye, the easiest is to dip hot eggs into the juice from canned blueberries. (Tip: If the juice has been sweetened, it could leave a tacky surface on your item. Dip item quickly in warm water before drying.
GREEN – for green dye, boil chopped spinach leaves in water, until the water turns green. Then strain the water before placing item in the green water.
BROWN – boil 4 teabags in some water. Cool slightly, then place item in the tea.