Introduce the concept of spring with your preschoolers by helping them utilize their five senses.
SEEING – Spend a day outside, observing spring. Look for things such as:
Buds opening
Birds returning
Spring flowers, such as; tulips and daffodils
Rainbows and rain clouds
Trees bending or kites flying
HEARING – Have your children listen for the sounds of spring.
Birds singing
Wind blowing
Rain hitting sidewalks or the roof
FEELING – What can they feel when they go outside this time of year
Rain falling
Breezes blowing
Soft new grass
TASTING - This one is a little harder but they may be able to come up with some tastes.
Easter eggs and candy
Green eggs and ham
SMELLING – This one is also a little hard, I hope you did better than I did.
Smell of fresh grass after a rain.
Smell of manure or fresh plowed fields.