When learning about watermelons, have your child explore the fruit with his five senses.

Notice the color of the watermelon on the outside and then on the inside.
Notice the shape of the watermelon, the size of the watermelon.
Place watermelon seeds into groups of three.
Paint a paper plate red. When dry, glue on some dry watermelon seeds.
Feel how hard the watermelon is on the outside and how soft it is on the inside.
Notice by lifting, how heavy the watermelon is when it is in one piece and how light a single slice of it is.
Have child close his eyes and touch 2-4 dry watermelon seeds and count them.
Listen to the hallow sound the watermelon makes when you snap it with your fingers.
Does sliced watermelon has a sound?
Place ten or more dry watermelon seeds in a shaker and listen to the sound it makes.

Let your child smell a watermelon when it is whole and then when it is cut. Which way has the nicest smell?
Let your child taste some watermelon juice or a watermelon popsicle.
Make watermelon balls or chunks for your child’s snack.
How does he like the taste of the watermelon?