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Learning to distinguish between sounds is a very important skill for young children to have, especially when they begin to learn to distinguish between letter and words sounds.

Let your child welcome in the New Year with a variety of noisemakers. Go on a noise hunt around your house. Have your child look for items that can make noise such as; bells, pots and pans, drums, instruments, silverware, etc. Preschoolers may not understand how sounds are made or how sounds travel but they can learn to distinguish between sounds. They can learn to tell which item makes the most sound and which items have a high sound and which items have a low sound.


Set out different items that have distinct sounds. Now ask your child to close his eyes as you make a noise with one of the items. Can he tell which item you make the noise with? Take turns with your child covering your eyes and being the one to guess. Start this game with three different items and gradually add more as your child becomes good at guessing the correct items.

Collect six small film containers. Fill each container half way. Pour rice in two containers, beans in two other containers and salt in the last two containers. Mix up the containers and have your child find the three matching sets of containers by listening to the sounds they make.

You can make fun home made noisemakers with your child by placing beans in one small paper cup and then taping another cup upside-down on the top. Let your child decorate the shaker with strips of crepe paper or ribbon. Have your child shake the noisemaker while she sings a seasonal song.

When we allow children to decide how they want a project to be, we are allowing them to become creative problem solvers.