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Take your child outside and examine the dirt in your yard. Have her use her eyes, her fingers, her nose and a magnifying glass. She should discover that dirt is made out of small pieces of rock (sand) and decaying matter from plants and animals.

See if she can find two different kinds of dirt in your yard or elsewhere. Have her compare the dirt looking for differences. Which dirt would be best for growing plants? (Plants will grow in sand but they will grow bigger and stronger in dirt with nutrients from decaying plant and animal life.

Put some dirt in a jar with some water. Have your child stir up the dirt and water and notice what happens. Have him set the jar aside for a while and later observe what happens to the dirt and the water. Why is most of the dirt on the bottom of the jar.

Set up a safe place where your child can play in the dirt and have access to water to make mud.
Supply spoons, pans and action figures for fun and adventure.


Have your child put some dirt in a plastic cup. Give her some seeds to plant and discuss how come it is important to water her plant and set it in the sun.

Do a fun experiment with your child. Have them plant seeds in two cups. Then have her set the cups in the sun, but only water one of the plants. What happens?
Another time, have her plant seeds in two cups, water both cups but place one cup in the sun and the other one in a dark place. What happens?

Your child should be able to discover some accurate conclusions as to what things are necessary to grow healthy plants.
Dirt with nutrients
Safe environment