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Fall is a great time of the year to discuss "how things change" with your child. Below are some examples of activities you can do to call attention to change.

Call your child's attendtion to how the days are getting cooler and the night is coming earlier. The weather is changing, the days are changing.
Discuss why we now wear warmer clothing.
Keep a daily weather chart.
Have your child help you make up a list of changes they notice outside.
Look for trees and plants getting ready for winter by shedding (dropping) their leaves and seeds.
Notice birds leaving your area and others flying in groups across your skies.
Set out birdseeds for the birds on their journey south.
When shopping for winter clothes, point out to your child how much he has grown. Compare clothing your child wore last year to this year.
Pull out some of your child's baby clothing and compare it to his clothing now.
Discuss how now is the time to put away the summer shorts and shirts and pull out the sweaters and jackets. Play a game and see how many summer clothes you and your child can think of and then how many winter clothers.
Learning about the 4 seasons helps young children learn about change.
A fun project to do with your child is to make a photo album and fill it into four sections.
Plan one section for fall photos, one for winter, etc.
A particularly fun activity, is to pick out a deciduous tree and take a picture of your child standing by it in all four of the seasons.