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Go on a bug safari with your child. Give her a large magnifying glass to observe bugs up close. Under rocks, in gardens and tall grasses are all good places to look. You can always attract ants by leaving some small food scraps outside. Encourage your child to look in books to try to identify the names of the bugs that she finds, plus where they live and what they eat.

You can buy a commercial bug catcher for your child to use when observing bugs or you can make your own home made version. My favorite bug catcher is made from soft wire mesh or screening and two large spray can lids.
Take a piece of 8" x 8" wire mesh and secure the edges with plastic tape.
Then roll the mesh into a cylinder and place it into a spray can lid, that has been inverted.
Have your child place some grass, leaves and twigs into the cylinder, plus one or two bugs to observe.
Then, cover the wire with another can lid.
Be sure to have your child return the bugs to their nature setting after a couple of hours.