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Take a small zip-lock bag and using a needle, punch a few holes in the bottom seam of the bag.
Set out a bowl of seeds, and have your child place a teaspoon of seeds in a bag. Alfalfa or mung bean seeds work best.
Zip the bag closed and have your child place the bag in a bowl of warm water.
Soak the seeds overnight.
The next day, have your child take the bag out of the water and let it drain, then let it sit in indirect sunlight the rest of the day.
For the next few days, have your child dunk their bag in water for a few seconds, then drain and again set in indirect light.

On the fourth day, have your child set the seeds in the sun.

Have children watch the sprouts turn green.
These sprouts can be eaten by sprinkling them on top of a green salad or on top of cream cheese spread on crackers.

For some reason children seam to love watching mold grow. Here is a safe way to experiment with mold.
Give your child a small zip-lock bag and a piece of bread.
Have him place the bread into the bag and then add a teaspoon of water.
Zip up the bag and set out the bag to observe.
After a few days, mold will appear on the bread.
Discard bags unopened, when experiment is over.
Variation: You may want to repeat this experiment, but this time make two bags of water and bread and put one on the counter and one in the refrigerator. Which one grows mold the fastest?

Here is another experiment that children love.
Set out a zip-lock bag, some salt and some vinegar.
Help your child measure out one tablespoon vinegar and one teaspoon salt and place them into the bag.
Set out 1-4 dirty pennies and have your child place the pennies into the bag.
Zip up the bag and let your child gently shake the bag.
Children love watching the dirty pennies slowly turn shinny and new.

Here is a fun experiment to see which type of ice melts the fastest.
Set out two zip-lock bags.
Have children put crushed ice in one bag and ice cubes in the other.
Set them out on the counter. Which bag melts fastest?

Here is a fun non-messy way for children to watch the creation of a third color by blending two other colors.
Let your child decide if they want to make orange, green or purple.
Depending on which color she choose, set out the two primary colors that make this color.
Have her place a spoonful (or squirt) of each of the colors into her bag.
Zip up the bag and encourage your child to squeeze the bag until it is filled with the color she choose.
Variation: Have your child lay her bag on top of a black piece of paper and try finger painting on top of the bag.

Here is a fun way for children to experience different textures.
Fill four or five zip-lock bags with different textures, such as: flour, mud, play dough, sand, dried beans, or salt.
Set out the bags and encourage your child to squish the bags and describe how they feel.