Learning to distinguish between
things is a major accomplishment for preschool children.
Whenever possible, arrange to let your child help you sort things.

COLOR SORT: Sort fruits and vegetables by color.
Sort game pieces by color.
Sort towels by color.
Sort leaves by color
Sort toys by color
SIZE SORT: Sort money by size.
Sort screws by size.
Sort leaves by size.
Sort spoons by size.
Sort socks by size.
NUMBER SORT: Sort holes in buttons by number.
Sort sweaters by the number of buttonholes.
Sort playing cards by number.

This is one of my favorite games to play with preschoolers. It helps develop wonderful thinking skills.
Find 3 objects that are alike in some way, such as, the same color, the same size, the same shape, and the same type of object.
Then, find one that is different.
Set out the four objects and have your child find the one that is different.

Sometimes your child will pick one that is not the one you had intended as the different one. However, upon questioning her, she has a valid reason why this one is different and the others are the same. If they can explain their reasoning, accept their answer. This is a great game to teach children how to look at all characteristics of an object, and how to see that objects can fall into different categories.

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