Look for bags of colored popcorn kernels at the grocery store.
Pour some kernels into a bowl and give your child some tweezers.
Have him sort the corn by color, placing each color of corn into a separate pile on the table.
Besides teaching color recognition, this game helps young children develop small finger muscles, important when learning to hold a pencil.

Learning to estimate is a fun game for young children
Pour some corn kernels (5 20) into a glass jar or glass.
Have your child guess how many there are.
Then, pour out the kernels and count them with your child.
Corn kernels can be used as place markers in a number of games such as Bingo.
Make up a simple Bingo game to enjoy with your child.
Children enjoy using measuring cups to measure corn kernels or cornmeal.
Place corn kernels or cornmeal in a small dish pan.
Give your child measuring cups and let her practice measuring and pouring.
Create a tossing game for your child using corn kernels.
Take a large cardboard box and draw a large pig head on one side with a large mouth.
Cut out the mouth with a serrated knife.
Set the box at a convenient height for your child and let him practice tossing the corn kernels into the mouth of the pig.


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