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Have your children get down in a crawling position and crawl in a line. Next, show them how to hook up by placing their hands on the back or legs of the child in front of them. Explain that each child is now a segment of one long caterpillar body. Have the children all start crawling with the same let. See if they can crawl all around the room in this fashion. Some rhythmic music will help the crawlers coordinate their movements.

Gradually lead your children into a dramatization of this butterfly story. Provide brightly colored scarves that the children can hide in their hands and unfurl as the butterfly emerges from its cocoon.
One warm day, a caterpillar crawled up into a tree for a nap in one of the cool, green leaves. She curled up on the leaf and spun a web (or cocoon) around herself. In this cozy covering, she slept and slept.

When the caterpillar woke up, she chewed her way out of her web. Suddenly she realized she no longer had her many legs. How would she every get home?

The caterpillar started to cry. Then, as she tried to wipe her tears, she discovered to her joy that, that while she slept, she had grown two beautiful butterfly wings. She opened her wings, flapped and flapped, and was soon soaring through the sky.

How does the story end? Where does the butterfly go and what happens to her? Ask the children to help you finish the story.

Have your children pretend to be caterpillars and then butterflies as you sing and act out the following song together.

Sung to: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

Crawl, crawl, caterpillar,
You're such a fuzzy sight.
Don't you know, it's time to grow,
So crawl with all your might.

Spin, spin, caterpillar,
Spin a cocoon so tight.
Don't you know it's time to grow,
So spin with all your might.

Wake, wake, butterfly,
Break out into the light.
Don't you know, it's time to grow,
So break out with all your might.

Fly, fly butterfly,
It's time for your first flight.
Don't you know, it's time to grow,
So fly with all your might.
Jean Warren

© McGraw-Hill Children's Publishing