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Cut a simple menorah shape out of black felt and place it on a felt board.
Cut two candle shapes from red felt and one candle shape from each of these felt colors; yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, brown and white.

Put one of the red candles in the center of the menorah for the “lighter candle” and place the other candles on a table.

Have your children sit with you around the felt board.

Recite this rhyme:
           “I choose (name of a child) to help me
            Pick a color.  What will it be?”

Have the child named pick up a candle shape, place it on the menorah and say, “I choose (name of color).”
Continue until all the candles are on the menorah.
Then start the game again, repeating it until everyone has had a turn.
Make a magic wand by taping a cardboard star shape to a large straw.
Let your children take turns holding the wand and making a wish.
Children might wish for specific gifts, foods, trips or universal things such as peace.
Variation: Older children can play this game by naming all the other wishes named before him and then his own wish.
Have your children sit on the floor in a circle.
Give a small dreidle (or picture of one) to one child.
Play some music and have the children pass the dreidle around the circle.
When the music stops, the child holding the dreidle must stand up and spin around like a top.

Have five children stand up and spin while you recite the following rhyme.
            Five little dreidles spinning ‘round and ‘round.
            One went slower, ‘til it fell down.

Point to one child and have (him/her) slow and then fall down.
            Four little dreidles spinging ‘round and ‘round.
            One went slower, ‘til it fell down.

Point to another child to slow down and then fall.
Continue with three, two and one little dreidles, until everyone has fallen down.
Repeat if you have more children who would like a turn.
ADDITIONAL HANUKKAH GAMES – can be found in the Hanukkah Unit at the Theme Station.