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Dipping hard-cooked eggs into commercial Easter egg dye is always fun for young children. For a creative touch, before dyeing help your child attach thin strips of masking tape to the eggs or wrap rubber bands around them. Dip the eggs into the dye until they are the desired shade and allow them to dry completely. Then remove the masking tape or rubber bands to reveal unique white patterns. If you like, you can dye the eggs again in a contrasting color.

Fold a piece of white or pastel paper in half to make a blank card. Look through newspapers and magazines for colorful ads that contain Easter pictures, such as eggs or bunnies. Invite your child to cut or tear out the pictures and glue them onto the front of the blank card. To complete, ask her dictate an Easter message to someone special for you to write inside.


Select several colors of tempera paint. Pour small amounts of the paint into separate bowls and stir in a little cornstarch. Let your child brush the paint onto egg shapes cut from white construction paper. When the paint dries, it will have a porcelain-like finish. Encourage your child to glue his eggs onto a paper plate and add some Easter grass.

Cut out five strips of heavy paper and number them from 1 to 5. Give your child 15 Easter egg stickers. Help her to name the numeral on each of the paper strips and attach a matching number of egg stickers. Let her use the completed strips for counting practice.