As parents of preschoolers, everyone wants there child to be safe.  Some parents, however, tend to isolate their children and never allow them the room to try new things and perhaps make mistakes.  A child’s environment should be safe from harm but it should not be sterile. Let your children run around outside, climb on safe objects, dig in the dirt, wade in the water, etc.  Children need time and the opportunity to experiment with safe objects.

There is a new phrase popping up in early childhood.  It is called “Bubble Wrapping” your children.  Many teachers are faced with parents who will not allow their child to participate in many normal preschool activities.  Trying new things, is how children learn.  Failing new things is how children learn.

Below is a poem I wrote many years ago that speaks to this subject.

Safe in your hand, a seed cannot grow.
Yet fighting the land, new life will flow.
We grow through mistakes, through trying again.
When we learn why we lose, we learn how to win.
So smooth not the path that children must crawl,
For in order to walk, they first need to fall.
Give to each child your love and your care,
With plenty of room to wonder and dare!
                                                                Jean Warren