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By Jean Warren

Young children learn through all of their senses. When an infant sticks things in his mouth he is discovering his world through the senses of taste and feeling.

As children get older and we want to teach them something we tend to do a lot of talking and force them to learn only through their sense of hearing. For true learning, we need to encourage children to use all of their senses by looking at things, touching them, smelling and tasting them as well as listening to us.

Children learn very little about an orange by just looking at a picture, but when they are allowed to touch, roll, squeeze, smell and of course taste one, they are well on their way to true understanding.

It is important to remember the 5 senses when purchasing toys for young children.

  • To help develop the sense of TOUCH consider such toys as balls, blocks, stuffed animals, etc.
  • To help develop the sense of HEARING consider such toys as, tapes, musical toys and instruments.
  • To help develop the sense of SMELL consider such things as foods and soaps.
  • To help develop the sense of SIGHT consider such toys as scrap books, view finders, picture books.
  • To help develop the sense of TASTE consider such treats, as oranges, peppermint sticks and cinnamon crackers.
As children get older and start to have trouble learning specific things; such as, reading, math, etc. Don't forget to supplement their learning experiences with activities that involve a variety of senses.