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By Jean Warren


The best way to make sure that your child is responsible is to set a good example for him. When your child understands that he and others can depend on you he will try to be like you. Expect him to finish what he starts out to do. Set simple goals for him so that he will be successful. Give your child small opportunities to do the right thing. Give him simple tasks and praise him for his accomplishments.

Try to keep from breaking your word to your child. Keep promises small so you won't have to break them. Help your child learn that we are all accountable for our actions. If we make mistakes, we need to try to rectify them and learn from them.

To help your child learn to be more responsible you can give him small tasks to do such as:

Help find matching socks on laundry day.
Pick up ten toys and put them away.
Put out the napkins for dinner
Give the dog some water.
Watch for the postman.
Help water the plants.
Wash her hands before dinner.

Responsible requests become opportunities for children to learn to be responsible and feel good about themselves.

Discuss with your child times when you notice or admire others for keeping their word and being dependable. "There's Mrs. Smith, right on time to pick me up. I can always count on her."