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  • Show me how to get along with others.
  • Give me opportunities to make new friends.
  • Encourage me to speak in complete sentences.
  • Help me learn to follow simple routines.
  • Provide times for me to be separated from you.
  • Give me opportunities to take turns.
  • Help me learn to maintain self-control.
  • Show me how to practice good manners.
  • Encourage me to listen to others without interrupting.
  • Help me learn empathy for others.
  • Help me learn that my actions have consequences.
  • Give me opportunities to work independently.
  • Give me opportunities to be responsible.
  • Be sure I know words to express how I feel.


  • Teach me to manage my own bathroom needs.
  • Teach me the names of my body parts.
  • Allow me to dress myself.
  • Teach me my full name, age, phone number and parents names.
  • Show me how to care for my own belongings.
  • Encourage me to clean up after myself.
  • Expect me to put away my own toys.

COORDINATION SKILLS (Both large and small muscle control)

  • Give me opportunities to run, jump, hop and march.
  • Let me practice walking in a straight line.
  • Play ball with me.
  • Let me build with blocks.
  • Let me practice opening and closing things.
  • Show me how to fasten clothing.
  • Let me practice writing my name and other letters.
  • Give me opportunities to cut out simple shapes.
  • Let me paste objects on paper.


  • Help me learn to recognize likes and differences.
  • Encourage my curiosity about the world.
  • Help me notice cause and effects.
  • Encourage me to create collections.
  • Encourage me to observe nature.
  • Give me opportunities to experiment, make predictions and deductions.
  • Let me experience things using all my five senses.
  • Give me opportunities to help prepare snacks.
  • Help me learn to recognize basic colors.
  • Give me opportunities to weight objects.
  • Help me understand relationships between things.
  • Provide opportunities to learn spatial relationships; such as above, below and next to.


  • Help me discover things that are part and things that are whole.
  • Help me learn to recognize basic shapes.
  • Provide me opportunities to sort and match objects by color, size and shape.
  • Point out groups to me in sets of two, three, four and five.
  • Play counting games with me so I can learn to count to ten.
  • Point out general times of the day, such as; “It’s 8 o’clock, time for bed”.
  • Show me ways to measure things, such as; with measuring spoons or rulers.
  • Help me understand positions, such as; First, Second and Third.
  • Give me opportunities to follow a pattern and put things in order.
  • Give me puzzles to solve with 4 – 12 pieces
  • Help me learn to estimate.


  • Give me the opportunity and the materials to express myself through art, music, dance, cooking, construction and drama.
  • Help me learn to make choices.
  • Encourage invention and experimentation.
  • Let me pretend and imagine.
  • Provide opportunities to ponder and wonder.
  • Encourage my interests and talents.

LANGUAGE SKILLS (Reading Readiness Skills)

  • Provide opportunities for me to learn to recognize rhyming sounds and words.
  • Help me to retell simple stories in sequence.
  • Encourage me to make up my own stories.
  • Demonstrate how I should read from left to right.
  • Teach me the letters of the alphabet.
  • Teach me simple nursery rhymes, songs and stories.
  • Teach me the sounds of the letters in my name.
  • Help me identify the beginning sound of some words.
  • Encourage me to remember some beginning sight words.
  • Point out opposite words.
  • Encourage me to “read” picture books.
  • Be sure that I understand common basic words.