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Hand art activities are always favorites with young children.  They alkso lend themselves to making Calendar Art, when you want to send home a monthly calendar.


  • First you will need to cut out 5” egg shapes from yellow paper. Two per child.
  • Next, you will need to trace each child’s hand prints on yellow paper and cut out.
  • Give each child some glue, their two hand cut outs, and one egg shape.
  • Have them glue the hand prints on the sides of their egg shape to represent wings. (They can be glued facing out or down, whichever way the child prefers.)
  • Next, help each child tape a large craft stick sticking out from the bottom of the egg shape.
  • Now, have each child glue another egg shape on top of the first one.
  • Set out orange paper beaks and black paper eyes for the children to glue on their baby chicks.
  • Encourage children to use their baby chicks when singing chick songs and rhymes or when you are reading a story about a baby chick.
  • Encourage children to name their baby chick.

Here is an idea that everyone can contribute to.  A classroom rainbow.

  • First sit with each child individually and have them paint the fingers on their left hand, starting with the thumb – one purple, one green, one yellow, one orange, and the pinky finger, purple.
  • Then have them press their fingers onto a piece of white paper and make a hand print.
  • When they are dry, cut each child’s hand print out and write their names on the back of their print.
  • Finally, paste the hand prints in a rainbow arch on a large piece of paper, or directly onto the wall if possible.
  • If everyone, painted their fingers correctly, it should resemble a 5 color rainbow. 
Set out some green paper.
Have your child place one or two hands on the paper.
Draw around your child’s hand and cut out the green hands.
Give the hands and an unsharpened pencil to your child.
Show him how to wrap each finger around the pencil and roll it down as far as it will go. The fingers will curl to the front to resemble bent grass.
Then take the rolled hands and fold the bottom third of the hand up and then cut that part of the hand off.
Have your child glue the hand grass to a piece of paper.
Give your child some egg or bunny stickers to place under the folded grass.


Here is a fun Spring Hand Art activity.
Set out some red, yellow or pink paint and some brushes.
Give your child a piece of white paper, approximately 9" x 12".
Have your child paint the palm of one hand with the paint.
Then, have them press their palm on the top of their paper.
Let the paint dry, then give your child a green paper stem and some leaves to glue onto their hand print to make a tulip picture.
Have your child paint their hand blue this time.
Next, have them spread their fingers and make an impression in the middle of a piece of paper.
When the print is dry, give her a nest shape (1/2 circle), cut from a tan piece of paper.
Have her glue the nest across the bottom of the blue impression.
You now should have a nest with 5 blue birds in it.
Let your children add eyes and v beaks with a thin black marking pen.
Have your child hold up her bird picture as you sing the song "Two Blue Birds" at the Music Station.
Here is a different hand art activity for Valentine’s Day.
Cut a large heart shape for your child from a 12” x 18” piece of red construction paper.
Set out some white tempera paint.
Help your child by painting each of his hands white.
Then, have him spread his thumbs out so they are touching each other at the top (like two swans kissing). Their other fingers will represent the swan’s feathers.
Have your child, then make an impression of his hands in the middle of his red heart shape.
When he lifts his hands off of the paper, he will find two white swans kissing.