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Hand art activities are always favorites with young children.  They alkso lend themselves to making Calendar Art, when you want to send home a monthly calendar.


Set out three colors of paint.

Have your toddler paint one hand in multiple colors and make an impression of his hand on a sheet of white paper(fingers open).

Have child wash off his hand, then paint the opposite hand with multiple colors and make an impression of his hand on the same or another sheet of white paper.

When hand impressions are dry, cut them out and glue the two pictures on either side of a large craft stick (or piece of cardboard cut into a large cigar shape) to create a butterfly.


You will need 12” x 18” sheets of beige construction paper, green paint and brushes, plus black marking pens.

Invite your children to join you one at a time.
Help each child paint one hand and part of their arm with green tempera paint.
Have children hold their middle three fingers straight and touching each other, with the thumb and little finger stretched out.
Then have them make a green arm and hand print on their papers.
Set out a dishpan filled with warm soapy water and some sponges to help the children clean their arms and hands.
When the paint is dry, have each child draw a happy face on his or her cactus.

Here is a bright and cheery hand art activity.
Set out a small cake pan filled with ¼ of yellow tempera paint.
Have child place one hand into the paint and make a print of the yellow hand on a large piece of paper.
Then have your child repeat the action, by moving the paper slightly and pressing down the palm in the same spot, but with the fingers moving around in a circle.
This will create a flower with yellow petals.
When the yellow paint is dry, have child paint the center of their flower brown.
Extension Ideas:
Have your child use green paint to paint on a stem and leaves.
Let children glue on real sunflower seeds onto the brown centers of their flowers.
Add additional paper and let your child create a really long stem.
For younger children, you may want to give them brown paper circles to glue to the center of their handprints, rather than having them paint the centers brown.

This is always a fun and easy project with young children. You will need a variety of colors of paint and brushes.
Hold out one hand, palm up.
Paint stripes of colors vertically across palm.
Press hand on blue paper (thumb stuck out a little.)
When dry, add a black eye and mouth to fish.


  • Set out three paper plates.
  • Place pink paint on one, brown on another and white on the last plate.
  • Have children take turns making hand prints.
  • First the child chooses a color of paint and then places his hand onto the paint.
  • Then he places his hand onto a piece of white paper and makes a print.
  • When dry, cut out the child’s hand print.
  • Give the hand print cutout along with a tan cone shape (up-side-down triangle works well).
  • Have the child place glue on the top of the triangle and then place his hand print (up-side-down) on the triangle to create an ice cream cone.
  • Use the ice cream cone cut outs as a boarder around a bulletin board or other location.

Variation:  Let your children make double decker ice cream cones, by making two colors of hand prints.


  • Set out red, white and blue tempera paint along with some paint brushes.
  • One at a time, have your children come up and paint one of their hands, red, white and blue, in any way they wish.
  • Then have them press their painted hand sideways onto a sheet of plain paper, keeping their fingers closed, to make a hand print.
  • Have a dishpan of soapy water available for hand washing.
  • To complete their pictures, have the children paint a blue flag pole down from the palm end of their handprint.

Extension:  Cut out paper frames for your children to glue onto their flag pictures.