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SHINING STARS continued...

Give your children star stickers to attach to their fingertips for puppets. Invite them to wiggle their fingers as they sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" or "Stars Are Twinkling," below. Or encourage the children to make up stories for their star puppets to tell to one another.
Tune: "London Bridge:

Stars are twinkling in the sky,
In the sky, in the sky.
Stars are twinkling in the sky,
Way up high.

We can see them twinkling bright,
Twinkling bright, twinkling bright.
We can see them twinkling bright
In the night.
Elizabeth Scofield


Use a miniature cookie cutter to cut stars out of cheese slices. Serve the cheese stars on wheat crackers. Or let your children arrange them with dabs of mayonnaise on pieces of wheat bread to create "starry skies."