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PURPOSE – Preschool Express is a free on-line educational activity resource for parents, teachers and grandparents of toddler (1-3) and preschool (3-5) children.

OWNERSHIP – Preschool Express is designed, written and totally owned by Jean Warren.

COPYRIGHT – All materials found on this site are written and/or copyrighted by Jean Warren.  Individuals or organizations may make copies of the material found on the site for individual or classroom use. Teachers or Librarians may share the materials with parents of toddlers and preschoolers. Reproduction of any materials for commercial use is strictly forbidden.  Materials found on this site may not be displayed on other websites without written permission from Jean Warren

CONTRIBUTIONS – You are welcome to contribute activities or songs this site.  The material must be original.  All contributions become the property of Preschool Express.
To submit materials for consideration, contact us.

FEEDBACK – If you have comments or suggestions for this site you can contact us.

SAFETY – Preschool Express wants your children to be safe while having fun, so we make the following recommendations:
            *  Provide supervision for all suggested activities.
            *  Use child-safe materials when working with young children.
            *  Don’t let your children put materials in their mouths.
            *  Make sure activities are appropriate for the ages of your children.
PLEASE NOTE:  All toddler activities are ok for preschool children, however, all preschool activities are not appropriate for toddlers (ages 1-2 ½).

CURRICULUMS -  Preschool Express purposefully does not advocate a specific curriculum or philosophy.  The site is intended to be use as a resource for parents and teachers to use to create or supplement their own educational programs.

ACTIVITY CALENDARS –The reproducible calendars found on the website are intended for use in the home.  We welcome and encourage teachers of young children to share the calendars with parents in their programs.  We hope that by labeling the skills taught through these simple activity suggestions, parents will understand that the experiences their children have in their younger years will form a basis upon which their child’s future educational success can be built.

ALPHABET PATTERNS – Many people write requesting different kinds of alphabet letter patterns.  The patterns we provide are intended to be used for letter recognition and for art projects.  The preschool patterns are not intended to be used for teaching writing skills.