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Thank you for the wonderful website!  I am an elementary teacher gone rogue and I now teach junior high math.  Even so, I still adapt many of your activities for my students to make learning more fun! 
More importantly, my first little one is 18 months and we use your ideas at home and at his daycare.  As a busy teacher, I am pressed for time. But I still want my son learning, even while I’m at work.  I print the poems and activities for my son and his 3 friends at his in-home daycare and my provider loves them!  She had wanted to provide more education for the kids, but didn’t know how.  Your site enables the two of us to work together to help our little darlings learn as much as they can every day!
Thank you again!  Ashley N.

Dear Jean,
I just wanted to acknowledge your efforts and let your know that indeed u have designed an all comprehensive website that has been of great help n assistance.  Keep it up!  Will keep visiting the website to find new things…
Well done!     Tania S.

I am so greatful for this wealth of knowledge that you have shared with teachers and parents.  It is helping me now as I prepare my lesson plans for back to school.
Continue to keep up the good work and may God bless you always.  Janet C.

I just discovered your website.  As a parent of a 2 and 4 yr old, this gift is better than finding a treasure box filled with a trillion dollars.  Thank you for your creativity and especially thank you for being generous enough to share it with parents!!  What a wonderful blessing – you have inspired me on many levels. 
Thank you,      Kristy D.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful website!  I teach pre-k at a day care that is struggling financially and we are always looking for fun, free, creative ways to keep our active bunch busy.  After stumbling onto your website, I can’t wait to try out some of the songs and games with my students.
Just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that your hard work is appreciated!  Gali P.

Hi Jean,  
When my daughter turned 2 ½ I started taking an ECE class here in India so I could better understand her learning process, including her social and physical development.  Your site has been a help to me in planning new curriculum and making lesson plans.  Ur site is really a treasure of that.  I felt like writing to u because this site is simpler to understand, than other ECE sites I have found. 
Regards, Ajita G.

I came across your site while planning activities for my 2 year old.  I am a stay at home mom on a strict budget and loved all the wonderful activities there that I can facilitate with items I already have around the house.  After viewing several activities, I clicked the About Me link on the site to see who was behind such a cool website.  I was touched after reading that the creator, Jean Warren, decided to give something back and created a FREE site for parents and their young children.  I plan to utilize this site to the max!!  I have never corresponded with anyone via internet under these circumstances but I felt so compelled to just express my gratitude for what you have done in giving us something people like myself can use for the growth and development of our children. 
Again, thanks so much!!  Janaee B.

Dear Jean, 
My name is Simon and I am writing to you from Romania to tell you from the bottom of my heart,  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!   I just discovered your site and in just one week, I have visited it many times for my own kids.  I also visit your site as a teacher.  It is a great inspiration for me. 
I especially like your themes.  They are well organized and you have so many that I want to share with my children.  Thank you for sharing these treasures.
 With a lot of appreciation for the mother, grandmother and teacher that you are, I thank you again.  Simona D.

I just wanted to say thank you for so many years of ideas.  Yours is one of the best sites out there for ideas, I truly don’t need any others.
Thank you,  Toni M.

In June 2008, I fell upon your wonderful website.  I knew it was a blessing because I always felt I was called to be a teacher.  Well God was right and now I am in the process of opening my own home preparatory academy.  I will have 5 preschool children and 3 school age children.
I went back to school and will soon have an Education Degree.  I am very excited and will be using your website to help with my classroom curriculum.
Thanks again,  Yolanda P.

I have used your site for many years.  I am now developing a STAR manual for all Canadian Force bases across Canada to ensure we are developing quality programs for preschool, children and youth.  Your site has once again been a great resource and I thank you for your commitment to providing wonderful information, templates and a very strong “guidebook” for us to build upon.
As a parent I have made many crafts and sung many of your songs over the years.  My children still sing them to me on special occasions.
Kind regards,   Lesley L.