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There are many art mediums through which young children can learn to express themselves. An often over-looked one is sewing. Learning to control yarn and how to creatively use it to express themselves can be a rewarding experience for preschoolers.

Children aged 3-5, are at a great age to begin learning how to string or sew such simple things as necklaces, bracelets, wallets, plastic shapes, ornaments, wall decorations and more.

Besides creating something both beautiful and useful, sewing and stringing can also be useful pursuits for young children to develop important skills.

Before preschoolers can master the art of writing they must first learn to control their small finger muscles. Sewing or stringing can also help young children develop important eye-hand coordination skills.

Planning, deciding to create something balanced or free form are all pursuits that help children learn to solve problems and develop thinking skills. Freely experimenting and observing results teaches children cause and effect. We all want our children to be good at making choices and solving problems. The preschool years are wonderful year to all them the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.
Whether stringing beads or sewing on burlap, children are involved in beginning math pursuits. As children, gradually develop their sewing and stringing skills, so will they be developing their knowledge of patterning, one-to-one correspondence, counting and symmetry.
Below are some fun sewing projects you can do at home with your child. Remember, there are no right or wrong ways to sew for preschoolers. Their job at this age is to experiment and to make connections. Your job is to provide them with a safe environment filled with the tools for exploration.
Set out large wooden beads and lacing strings and let your children design and create bead necklaces.

Cut plastic placemats into shapes and punch holes around the edges for your child to lace.
A very simple beginning sewing project, is to cut out small posterboard shapes approximately 4" x 4". Next , cut ½" sits around the outside edges approximately 1" apart. Hook a piece of yarn through one of the slits and give it to a child. Encourage her to wrap the yarn around the shape, hooking it into the slits. However the yarn is wrapped is fine.
For this project, you will need vinyl material, yarn and dull plastic yarn needles. Cut large rectangle shapes out of vinyl and then punch holes evenly around the shape. Turn up the bottom third of the rectangle to create a purse and show your child how to sew the purse together by lining up the holes and lacing the yarn through the double holes.
Older preschool children can actually learn to sew on burlap. Set out embroidery hoops and squares of burlap. Give your child 12" lengths of yarn threaded with a plastic yarn needle. Show your child how to sew the yarn in and out of the burlap. Let your child experiment and be pleased with whatever they accomplish.