Here is a fun recipe you and your child can use for making frost.
Place ice cubes in a can.
Pour salt on top of the ice cubes.
Stir the ice around and around with a wooden spoon.
Let your child discover the frost that forms on the outside of the can.
Let your child write on the sides of the can with her fingers.
On a cold morning, have your child go on a frost search.
How many things can he find outside that are covered with frost.

Here is a simple poem about Jack Frost that you might want to share with your child.

Jack Frost came to town last night.
He painted everything all white.
Windows, doors, cars and trees,
Sparkle in the morning light.

Frosty morns are fun for me.
There is so much to do and see.
I like to write on window panes
And look for crystals in everything.

I wish that Jack would stay and play
Instead of leaving with the day.
Some time perhaps, we’ll meet.
And I can help him paint the street.
                                Jean Warren