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February and it's legendary Ground Hog coming up to look for it's shadow - offers a great opportunity to discuss shadows with your children. How can you make shadows? Why are they some times different sizes?


Have your child set an object on the floor or on a table. Next, have her shine a flashlight directly in front of the object and look for the shadow. Move the light closer, higher and lower and have your child notice how the shadow changes.

Show your child how to make shadow animals on the wall by placing your hands together to create barking dogs, etc.

Lay some simple objects on black paper. Draw around the objects and then cut out the shapes. Set out the objects and the shadow shapes and have your child match up the objects with their shapes. Examples of simple objects: a book; a key; a saucer; a hot cake turner; a quarter and a cookie cutter.


Shine a light on a wall and encourage your children to dance, so that their own shadows will dance on the wall, too.

Show your child how to take a piece of white paper outside and place it in front of small objects creating shadows on the paper.