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Go on a worm hunt with your child. Dig in loose soil, look under rocks around your home or ask your local garden shop for a good place to find worms. Next, set out two or three worms for your child to observe. Call their attention to how the worms move. Have your child experiment to see what the worms like to eat. Can they think of ways that worms could help us?


  • Go to the library to find books about worms and what they do.
  • Encourage your child to try crawling like worms.
  • Help your child to make up a song about worms.
  • Make worm pictures with short pieces of brown yarn glued on paper.
  • Eat worm food for snack (Pieces of lettuce and apples).
  • Touch a worm, how does it feel?

    Make a worm finger puppet for your child. You will need a 4" x 4" piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard into a large apple shape. Next, cut out a small finger hole somewhere on the apple. Have your child color the apple with a red crayon or marker.

    Children hold up the apple with one hand while they stick their pointer finger from the opposite hand into the worm hole and wiggle.

    Children can use their puppet with the following rhyme:

    I found an apple
    Lying on the ground.
    I was excited
    At what I had found.
    Sorry little worm,
    I didn't know
    This was your apple.
    I'll put it down and go!
    I picked up the apple
    Ready for a bite.
    When out popped a worm.
    My what a fright!
      Jean Warren