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Magnet Fun

Magnet Sort
Collect items that can be picked up with a magnet, such as a metal paper clip, a frozen juice can lid, a washer, and a screw, and items that cannot be picked up by a magnet, such as a rubber ball, a cotton ball, a small plastic toy, and a piece of paper. Let your child use a magnet to sort the items into two piles, picked up by a magnet and not picked up by a magnet. What did the items the magnet picked up have in common? (They were all metal.)
Hunt for Magnets

Collect several refrigerator magnets. Hide magnets on metal surfaces throughout your home, such as the refrigerator, the stove, a file cabinet, the washing machine, and a metal toy. Tell your child that you have hidden magnets all around your home. Help your child think of things in your home that are metal where a magnet might "stick." Then let him or her go on a hunt to find the magnets.
Magnetic Race Track
Your child will love to play this magnetic racing game. Draw a simple race track on a sheet of thin cardboard. Glue a strong magnet to the bottom of a toy car. Place the car on top of the race track. Hold a magnet underneath the cardboard, directly below the car. Slowly move the magnet along the bottom of the cardboard to make the car move. "Race" the car around the track as fast as you can without running off the track.
Magnet Games

Collect a variety of novelty magnets or make your own by cutting pictures out of greeting cards and attaching magnets to the backs. Then play the following games with your child.  

I Spy-Describe one of the magnets to your child. Have your child try to guess which one it is. Give as many clues as needed. Then let your child describe a magnet for you to guess.

Patterning-Help your child arrange the magnets in a pattern. For example, you could try a pattern of big-small-big-small or red-blue-red-blue.
Which One Doesn't Belong-Select four magnets, three of which have something in common and one of which is completely different. For example, you might choose three food magnets and a dog magnet. Ask your child to tell you which magnet doesn't belong.