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Children learn colors best when we single out one color to focus on at a time.
Below are some activities to focus on the color blue.
Point out blue clothing that your child is wearing.
Make a book filled with blue pictures cut or torn from magazines.
Paint or color a blue picture, or do a blue fingerpainting.
Teach your child the rhyme "Little Boy Blue".
Make blueberry pancakes, or buy blueberry pie.
Color a picture with crayon and then paint a deluded blue paint over it for sky.
Count the number of people in your family with blue eyes.
Look for blue mailboxes.
Read the story "Blueberries for Sal" by Robert McClosky, to your child.
Make a blue paper collage.

  1. Fill a small pan ¼ full of water. Add some liquid dishwashing soap and some blue paint or blue food coloring.
  2. Give your child a straw and have her blow air into the liquid, creating a pile of blue bubbles.
  3. Have your child lay a piece of white paper on top of the bubbles and rub a hand across the paper.
  4. The bubbles should leave blue circular "bubble" prints on the paper.
    NOTE: Add more coloring if the bubble prints are too light.
  1. Save the liquid from a can of blueberries (found in blueberry muffin mixes) or smash up some fresh blue berries in a small amount of water. Strain out the blueberries.
  2. Give your child a paintbrush and let him paint a blue picture on a white piece of paper.
    CAUTION: Berry juice can stain clothing, so be sure to have your child wear an old shirt or a special painting shirt.